Ababu Namwamba for President

So is this a political suicide to oppose his one time ‘president’?

Little known back in 2008, Ababu was a newly-elected MP and after the controversial elections, refused to swear in by recognizing Mwai Kibaki as president but rather swore in Raila’s name.

I know I will rile my kinsmen from the great rift valley and other ardent supporters of the bigwigs in politics.

I am not a politician; I don’t engage in politics; in fact I flee every time a political statement is being made. Though I do make inferences of politicians who strike me the right way, once in a while.

I will not go much into the background of Ababu since there are many sources you can get that.

This article is mainly to expound on why I think he is the best man for a lieutenant in an army of revolutionaries. Whether for a position in the highest office in the land or a running mate to fill a VP position.

Hon. Ababu Namwamba reminds me of Former Cheranganyi MP, Joshua Kutuny who was also very vocal about where his allegiance lies but was kicked out even though he vied under the region’s popular ticket. Or a number of other leaders who have gone before him like, the late Shariff Nassir and the late Joseph Kamotho.

Though its only the latter who jumped ship back in 2002 elections and joined the Mwai Kibaki bandwagon.

Ababu fights for what he believes in and whom he believes in. As a trained advocate and now almost 8 years under his belt as a politician in the opposition and briefly government (coalition), he knows how to navigate the murky waters of Kenyan politics (siasa). They say the game is dirty but not the players necessarily.

Let me start with why I think he is the man for the job of running mate?

  1. Forget the tyranny of numbers and the followers that he commands as Budalangi MP. Ababu fights for whom he believes in, whether blindly or consciously.

    “I swear my allegiance to the president,” said member of parliament Ababu Namwamba, as he nodded his head to Odinga. [General in missing]

    Here are the highs and lows of Ababu Namwamba's career


    I admired his courage when he defied all odds as an incumbent and refused to be sworn in by referring to the elected president, Mwai KIbaki, instead going with the man he believed in at that time, Raila Odinga. He is not one to cower in fear and that really came out.

    He at one time almost started a revolution in his party, during a 2014 ODM election, whether he was fighting for the youth as he said or for himself. [Violence erupted during the 2014 ODM election after ‘men in black’ caused chaos and destruction of property.]

  2. Hon. Ababu speaks out for what he believes in. He has on various occasions spoken out against the government and now he has jumped ship and is now speaking anti-CORD or anti-Raila comments.

    He released a press statement on the IEBC demos that he was conspicuously missing in action. Namwamba who is also the MP for Budalangi, said on Tuesday, June 7, that, that he had been on paternity leave taking care of his newborn. “I have been out and about. We got a baby a month ago. So I have been busy on paternity leave… It is purely coincidental that some things happened while I was away,” said Ababu Namwamba as published by Edaily.

    “No one can force me to do things that I don’t want or believe in.”

    “I only engage in activities that I have faith in,” said Namwamba.

  3. What matters mostly to me is development record, as much as in my reasons I have it as number 3. He has spoken out against Busia governor on failing the voters in Busia and called him out on his track record.

    Whether it was a party preference that made his constituents vote him back in or his development record, time will tell. #2017Elections it is.

He at one time was the PAC (Public Accounts Committee) chairman in the national assembly but was sent packing together with his team over graft allegations. I do not know whether it was a witch-hunt or it was a valid allegation but in Kenya you never know. “Where there is smoke, there is a fire.” So the old adage goes.

Nevertheless, I wish he defined what he stands for as ABABU TAWFIQ NAMWAMBA.

He is a bright and youthful politician who displays public affection to his family and to the constituents of Budalangi. If his family and constituents agree that he is a good leader, I agree with them.

I would have him on my team more than have him opposing me.

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