I’m tired of the Queen’s English

Who told journalists that the language to be interviewed in is English?

So the English man is still colonizing us by making us feel inferior or illiterate if we cannot speak his language.

I have no problem with learning foreign language; it helps to speak it when am in a foreign country. The thing is, why do I have to be the one to learn it so that I be termed learned or literate. A foreigner who cannot speak my language is also illiterate if we are going to define it from that point.


Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~ Anonymous


Our athletes locally (not only Kenyan but even across the border, let’s just say most of Africa, forget SA) struggle during interviews. Its a shame that the local media, insist on carrying out interviews in languages the interviewee cannot clearly articulate themselves. I have never been to a journalism class but it infuriates me to say the least, when I see them insisting on carrying out interviews in foreign languages and then when the athletes struggle speaking it, they blow it up in the airwaves. It does rounds on social media platforms and we all laugh at the person.

I am a star for crying out loud, mna bahati sana I am not an athlete, you would be looking for interpreters if you can’t speak my language.

I am proud of one of our own athlete, Kenya’s Faith Chepngetich Kipyegon, who told journalists that she was tired of speaking English and switched to Kiswahili. Read more

“Mimi sikuwa naamini nita win lakini nimeshukuru Mungu sana kuweza ku-win hapa Rio. Ni medal yangu ya kwanza Olympics na ninashukuru Mungu sana. (I did not believe that I could win but I thank God that I won here in Rio. It is my first Olympics medal and once again I thank God),” an elated Cheng’etich said and jokingly told Kenyan journalists in the mixed zone that she was tired of speaking English.

Faith Chepng’etich Kipyegon, 1500m Rio Olympic Gold Champ

We should be proud of our diverse languages; none is more superior than the other. I am not a linguist but the art is beautiful. Swahili is enshrined in the constitution but very few students in school enjoy it. We all enjoy studying English because its the language that will be used in the office after you clear school and have to sound ‘formal’. Swahili binds as us a nation, because almost all of us can at least speak it.

As I pen my thoughts, I am ashamed that I cannot properly express myself in fluent Swahili or my mother tongue for that matter and instead choose to do so in English. That’s why you busy reading this article written mostly in a foreign language. I know am not the only one who cannot express themselves in any other language but English. The other languages I stutter.

Shame on you who is ashamed of speaking Swahili or any other language you know. Okay it is disrespectful to speak your mother tongue in the company of others who cannot understand what you saying but to be ashamed of learning it, shame on you.

Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, France, China, Korea’s, Tanzania, are all known for sticking to their indigenous languages and maybe India, Sweden, UAE (just to name but a few that pops in my mind) and of course Great Britain. The sad thing is colonies continue speaking the language even after colonialists left. President Paul Kagame I laud your efforts in trying to change your country from a french speaking nation to English speaking and Kinyarwanda dialect nation, not a small feat by all means.

Please let me know what you think. Leave a comment.

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4 thoughts on “I’m tired of the Queen’s English

  1. I agree, its important to be able to express yourself and sometimes the language you use is the best way, there are some words which when translated lose meaning or the gist of expression and are best said as is.

  2. Well said, well thought. I agree be fluent in your own language, be proud of it, however also realize the world is getting smaller each day, so whilst I am proud of my native language and speak my local language, I appreciate the fact that I can also speak a universally known language that can connect me with others, whether that is English, or French, or Arabic…as long as it moves me from my known to the unknown….great points though

    1. Well put. So learn all the languages that you can manage. Grab all opportunities to learn a new language. Guess my argument was on how our track athletes struggle with the queens English and they are always being interviewed on TV. Something must give… Either they learn how to articulate themselves in the foreign language or the foreigners learn their indigenous language.

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