It has been a while since I griped about politics and state of the society I live in. Guess, I have also been on strike with the doctors, only that I have decided to call off my ‘strike’ since I did not have a CBA to point to.

Honestly though I would wish that this impasse between the government (national/county doesn’t matter to me) and the doctors need to end. Someone needs to wear the big pants in that room and decide enough is enough. Anyways, I won’t air my opinion or take my sides on this issue.

So have said almost everything about our leaders but not done much. I am just a writer that is what I always hide behind. Someone needs to do something…I always seem to suggest. We do need an overhaul of the political players and those that make up that system, seems to always be my suggestion.

The other day, I had an epiphany, Jesus aimed to change the status quo, when he said, “I came for the lost”. The Son of Man as he was rightfully called, did not change the system but changed the way people thought about the system. He did not come to be made an earthly King and save the Jews from the rule of the Romans, yet the people expected that of him, that’s why when he was being born, even King Herod was threatened and ordered that He be sought and killed.

  1. When asked about taxes – he said give to caesar what belongs to caesar
  2. When brought before the judge he did not try to bribe or retaliate with violence by asking the Father for help (sending more than twelve armies of angels). He instead scolded the disciple who cut off the officials ear and even asked the crowd why they come to him in swords and clubs.
  3. When asked why he was hanging out with sinners and tax collectors, his response was subtle, implying that He came for the sick; those who are well are in no need of a physician.
  4. When his disciples tried to rebuke children being brought to Him for blessing, He told them, let the little children come to me.

I could almost write a book about Jesus and the status quo but let me pause there. The sanhedrin often criticized Jesus and gave Him a rough time questioning him all the time, yet they followed Him almost everywhere Jesus’ crowd went.

The Sanhedrin was the supreme council, or court, in ancient Israel. The Sanhedrin was comprised of 70 men, plus the high priest, who served as its president. The members came from the chief priests, scribes, and elders, but there is no record on how they were chosen.

Bryant, T. Alton. (2017, February). Sanhedrin.

What am I trying to bring out here?

Jesus walked the earth, dealt with religious leaders, government, believers and nonbelievers and in all these, never shied away from addressing issues.

So what am I saying – the society is the way it is because we have let it. The system is made up of among others, we the people. So if we want change we got to change from within. Do not say we have corrupt leaders and yet you want some exceptions to the law to apply to you. Before you throw the first stone at politicians and other leaders on what have they done about the starving Kenyans or corruption in their offices, ask yourself what have I done to help the situation. Have you given to the poor in the society; have you sent money to your relatives or even strangers in need? Are you contributing to the problem by paying to have a service or are you reducing the problem by saying no to chai

Giving without expecting back is the society I am advocating for. We are a society of what-will-you-do-in-return. Stop saying that police are the most corrupt when you are the one dishing out bribes or throwing stones when you feel aggrieved.

Vengeance is mine thus says the Lord. Jesus was a selfless leader, evidenced by the fact that He came to this world just to save us. He died on the cross to save you and me from sin and eventual death. In dealing with a grievance, speak to the person, if not heard, call a witness and if not heard again then escalate to the church. The bible talks of before your adversary takes you to court make amends. It does not say, pay bribe but says make amends or you will be damned once they deliver you to the judge.

Change begins with you, so they say, and the moment you realize that it starts with you, you will stop expecting so much from those you elect to lead you.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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