Treat them as Assets

A People that don’t care.

The title; I know I know, some of you don’t like the term assets but allow me to walk you through my thoughts.

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Its been a minute and feels like have not been here in a year but am back.

There is a real problem in our society. A people that used to treat children as secondary citizens; to be seen and not heard and even in some communities, not to be seen or even heard especially among the wazees (men especially old folk).

Children never really had any real interaction with adult men except when they hit puberty and were to either be married off or initiated as ‘adults’. Time has changed to where we have had children being seen but even though heard, there opinion never really counted. This is an era where you dare not sit on papa‘s chair, where the child was parented by the community. You mess around, the whole clan will land on you.

Finally, Millennials (also known as Generation Y) as parents has redefined how they are raised. Where as long as it ain’t my kid, I won’t bother with them. Even for some people. they had rather call the cops to deal with them than offer discipline themselves (moved by the thought of the wrath of the millenial parent as they descend on you for touching their child). This generation of mine (I might add), has left their children to be raised by everyone but themselves. Only bringing them out to take selfies for social media family. Yes, I said it!

Where parents are in a rat race and no one knows when to stop or even how to stop, since we argue that if we stop, we will go hungry. Most of us have nor mastered how to balance work-family. Yes, I said it!

Where we care more about increasing our bank accounts and investment value than spending time with our children. Yes, I said it!

What is the whole point of all these rant (as usual)?

I hate what is happening in the schools; recently Moi Nairobi Girls, where a dorm was set on fire and some children perished. Last year, we had a spate of fires in schools all over the country and many attributed it to exams cartels.

Several years ago, there has been cases of arson attacks on our schools; where several have lost their lives and some injured.

There has been report (s) by the education officials on ensuring safety in our schools, but as usual as soon as the dust has settled, we go back to our rat race. These reports just left to gather dust.


I close my rant with these thoughts:

If we treated our children as precious assets, we wouldn’t have to deal with liabilities in our societies.

If we cared about our children more than our money, cars, land, houses, jobs and other material things, more than half of these new age problems will  be sorted.

If we showed our children that they matter more than our jobs, friends and other material things, we wouldn’t have to deal with broken people and homes.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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