Be Nice.

dominion silas

Google rcently changed it’s motto from the simple, “don’t be evil” to “do the right thing.” A subtle but profound statement on the expectations of the code of conduct in a corporate world.  One of the most baffling attributes of the human species is their rather shocking capacity to be mean and plain bad to each other. What is it that drives us to be deliberately unkind and blatantly rude? It’s like we’re trying to outdo each other for jerk of the century award.

I find myself at the new Carrefour at the Junction often on my way home and twice now I have had to wear my Batman cape. You see that chap in the movies sweating over which wire to cut in a bomb about to detonate and take out the entire city? Yep. Me. All day. Everyday.

Carrefour, bless them, happen to be a pretty decent supermarket…

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